In the early years of ATG life, academic publications was the only outcome of ATG activities. Gradually, We added other forms of publications including Appetizer Program to help the industrial section to have access to some free & firsthand applied research results. We have currently an extensive program to support the industrial section including the Appetizer Program & Product Development Tips in our publications line, and Research Kits & Developers Kits Programs in our products line.

The followings is the list of our major publications:

1. ATG International Contributions, which includes our inspiring papers in academic journals & conferences in the 20th century.

2. ATG Appetizer, which includes short papers that are resulted from our Appetizer Program. This program is the root of our applied research projects. All of the papers in this category are available free of charge.

3. ATG Prospect, which includes free articles covering the issues regarding research trends and business trends in today's world, and the economical and legal issues surrounding the SMBs.

4. ATG Product Development Tips, which includes short papers that give new ideas and inspirations to the product managers in IT industry to produce more creative and competitive products.