Product Development Tips

Product Development Tips is the newest series in our line of publications. Started in September 2022, it aims to give inspiration and intuition to the product managers in the filed of information technology. It helps product managers to have better view and more ideas in the development of more competitive products in the field. We cover different areas of IT industry in this series and each publication in the series is dedicated to a unique subject. As with our other products, this series is initially considered for managers in the SMB class of the industry, but it is so inspiring that can also be used by managers in the enterprise section.

All publications in this series are priced materials, but we present an introductory version of the publications for free. For ordering a publication, please refer to our order page and follow the given instruction. The following is the list of publications in this series in chronological order. All prices are in the USD.

 Trade Networks: The Next Generation Social Networks (release date: September 20, 2022; price: $500)

For the past 10 years, social networks has been an inevitable part of cyberspace. The share-oriented nature of social networks has made them very popular among different groups of society. The capability of sharing information through these networks or beyond them, has made them the ideal tools for self-expression and self-presentation  and this is why social networks got a huge popularity. Based on what is shared on these networks and how the proposed information is shared, we have several successful samples of social networks. Most notable ones are Instagram for sharing pictures and videos, TikTok for sharing videos, Twitter for sharing microblogs, LinkedIn for sharing proficiency related information, YouTube for sharing videos, and Facebook as a general-purpose social network.
The above mentioned networks and a few other ones have a huge impact on our different aspect of today’s life including socializing, making and getting news and information, education, and employment among other things. But one important aspect of our social life which is not covered properly by the current popular social networks, is trade! Although we have billions of people around the globe connected to each other through the popular social networks, we have no trade-oriented network to facilitate trade between this huge population. We think the structures of current popular social networks are not trade-optimized and in this paper, we want to address how could be the structure of a trade-oriented social network. As the structure of all social networks is based on two factors: what is shared and how is it shared, in this paper, we describes which information should be shared and how these information should be shared in a trade-oriented social network.
The introducty version of this paper is available for download for free from the below link. For ordering the full version, please refer to order page and follow the instruction.