Inside IT Firms (Research Kit)


Release Date:  February 6, 2006

When we look to the IT industry from 1987 to 2001, what gets the looks among other things is the fast growth of the field itself. In human history, the fast growth of an industry is regularly accompanied with two things: buzzword, and frenzy. Most likely, these things cause to stun the industry insiders as of outsiders, if not mislead them completely! In this situation, a notable portion of the industry comes to failure in both of developing and marketing efforts. Losers are more among new players and less among old and long-established players. The mentioned failure urges the industry to reorganize itself and this is what we have been seeing in the IT industry since 2002 and expect to last by the end of 2006. Addressing the future tendency of the IT industry, we divide the industry into two main sections: companies and organizations. In this research kit, we focus on both of the sections in two separate documents. To this end, we look to the IT firms from three different viewpoints: their functions, their behaviors, and their impacts. This research kit wants to be a brief, bright, and realistic one that provides helpful information for strategists at SMB-class IT companies around the world.

This research kit contains only two papers in PDF as follows:
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