Inside Document Management (Research Kit)


Release Date: March 19, 2006

The growing of the Internet in recent years has attracted many attentions to the concept of document. The reason is very clear: everyday millions of documents are updated or added to the net (the so-called information explosion) and the management of these activities would cost billions of dollars worldwide. In addition to this, new and complex technical issues should involve in this huge-scale management. As the term “document” is a very general concept, we believe any effort for giving a precise definition to it would come to an apparent limitation to the field instead of opening a new way. Traditionally, document is a record of some activities. Technically, document is a package of information. Intuitively, document is the heart of information technology. In the current IT world, the most important issue regarding document is its manageability and other efforts such as document definition/standardization are just used as leverage in this issue. Addressing the issue, we attempt to show a new perspective to the critical problems in document management. To this end, we divide the document management domain into two main parts: document creation and document presentation. In this research kit, we try to briefly describe the problems involve in the realm of document creation & presentation including why, how, and by whom a document can be created & presented. Detailed solutions to the mentioned problems are expected to appear in a series of our future research kits, but in this research kit, we only address those solutions.

This research kit contains only two papers in PDF as follows:
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