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We have started a series of occasional posts regarding all issues related to the small and midsize businesses under the name Aria Technology Group's Prospect or simply ATG Prospect. The scope of this series includes research trends & business trends around the world, economical & legal issues currently surrounding the business entities, and some predictions about the future of the above mentioned issues. We hope the series would help business directors to manage their businesses effectively through many different challenges they are facing these days and in future.

You can see the articles in the subsequent posts below in chronological order.

An Amazing Prediction in 1999

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In June 1999, I received an invitation from Science Magazine to enter an essay competition named “Visions of the Future” to visualize the scientific world in 2050. “Essays will be judged on originality, range of extrapolation from a scientific basis, and amusement value. Winner(s) will be published in Science and will receive a year's subscription to Science,” the invitation email stated. As a young (24 years old) computer engineer with some backgrounds in AI and combinatorial optimization, It was a great joy for me to predict how computational stuffs would impact our society in the next 50 years. So I decided to enter the competition and doing my best to make a realistic vision of the future.

The Existent Threat of Unconscious AI

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During the past 2 years, we have seen a bunch of articles and talks in the news & media about the AI and an AI driven society in near future. Most of this atmosphere has been shaped by the success of autonomous car projects and the fact that we would see these cars on the roads around in near future. But the interesting fact is that we have been living in an AI driven society for the past 10 years! Perhaps non-expert people in the field of information technology do not know that most of the information flow on the Internet has been controlling by AI in the past 10 years: All of the search results and advertises on Google, Facebook, Twitter, and the other prominent search engines and social networks are made by AI-based algorithms.

Blue License: A Fair Non-Exclusive Licensing Model

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In our previous post, we described why the SMB sector of the world economy should be more creative and how we can empower this sector to be so. In our opinion, the key factor for doing this, is to share the usage right of the new and first-hand technologies with SMBs. Our proposed sharing model does not necessarily use open technology models as the open models do not generally make a notable profit for the using parties. As the long-term and consistent growth of a company and consequently an economy is based on profit, using the protected technologies can be a more reliable source of income & profits for all companies including the SMBs. To this end, the only remaining model for the shared use of a protected technology is non-exclusive licensing.

Empowering the Private Sector by Sharing the Creativity

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Many economists believe that most of the world's developed economies are currently in a debt supercycle, which increases the degree of illiquidity and deflation (and of course recession) in those economies over the time. Although the monetary policies could control the recessions in short and medium-term, but they fail in long-term. Almost all economists believe that the long-term remedy for recession is to empowering the private sector to be more productive and be able to create more jobs. But this empowerment is not a mere economical issue and it instigates many infrastructural issues including technical, legal, cultural, and political. This is why even the most advanced economies in the world are not successful to empower their private sectors in a desired manner.

When Investment Is Ahead of Creativity

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Traditionally, when the energy price is low, there is much more money available to the other sectors of the world's economy. Among these sectors, technology sector is more attractive and also more frenzied! There is an old belief that the technology evolves rapidly and therefore the tech sector grows rapidly, so it should be a lucrative and somehow a safe target for investment. As the oil price is now under $50 per barrel, we are currently standing in a low-price energy era. So it should not be surprising when we hear that the tech companies like Uber and Slack have received so much VC funds which have currently no plan to spend them!

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