Developers Kit

Developers Kit Program is the last ring of our industrial activities, while the Appetizer and Research Kit programs are the starting and the middle rings, respectively. As a complete chain, new ideas and concepts are introduced in our Appetizer series, then they are expanded and ready for development in our Research Kits, and finally they are developed in a few sample components and applications in the Developers Kits.

We provide the source code of the developed components and applications in our Developers Kits. These source codes are targeted for both of SMB (small and midsize business) class IT companies and individual professionals, and have a variety of usages. For example, they can be embedded in other applications, modified for using in similar applications, or inspiring the development of new applications. These codes are developed on a stand alone basis and their user should not necessarily follow our Appetizer series and Research Kits, while following the twos could give a wider view to the user. We have no predefined platform or developing tools in the development of these components and applications. We select the platform and the developing tools in compliance with technical and marketing issues. All of the delivered source codes are under ATG Blue License. This implies that the user of a component or an application has agreed this license in advance.

As with our Research Kits, all of the Developers Kits are priced materials, but some of them have been relaxed as a part of our non-profit activities. The price of each item is cited after its title in USD. If you would like to purchase a priced material, you should firstly register yourself (freely) in our contact manager system code-named Jethro. The only way for transferring your fund is wire transfer and you can see the details in Jethro. We have also a discounting policy in which the second time buyers will receive 10% discount on all of our products, and the third time buyers and more will permanently receive 20% discount.

The following is the list of the released Developers Kits in chronological order:

Programmable Presentation Layer (release date: 3rd quarter, 2010; price: $3,500)

The consistent growth of SOA (service-oriented architecture) based systems requires some adjustments to the traditional n-tier architecture. Among them, the presentation layer as the interface of the system, is of more importance and has a critical role in flexible communications between different parties. Therefore, it is very interesting to have a configurable presentation layer without any adjustment in the development or implementation levels. To this end, the presentation layer should be programmable by system administrator or authorized users. In this regard, we have developed a script language and its correspondent interpreter for configuring the presentation layer. Our proposed implementation is in PHP, but there is no platform dependency.

This component contains a technical review, a reference manual, and a documented program source code in PHP language. The technical review is free and can be downloaded from the following link. We urge you to read this review before any decision regarding the purchase of this component. For making an order, please login Jethro.

The Technical Review in PDF

This component is inspired by our Appetizer entitled "Globe Server," although it cannot be considered as its extension. Therefore we suggest you to read this paper to have a wider view about the technical stuff in this component. The firms and individuals who are developing business and enterprise software including BPM, CMS, and ERP, are among the potential users of this component.

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