Aria Technology Group is an independent, private, and multidisciplinary research firm in the field of computer science and industry. The firm is a sole partnership owned by Farnad Laleh and its major goal is to find out the relations between physics, computation, and intelligence. We believe this approach helps us to expand the frontiers of computer science, and somehow, the formation of non-traditional computer science. The modern approach is also expected to have a great impact on the computer industry.

To achieve this goal, we follow different programs in parallel, ranging from pure academic research to industrial consultations. We divide our activities into the following parts:

academic research and publication

giving free annual advice to other academic and industrial entities for their future research and development activities, through our Appetizer Program

preparing small and mid-size businesses and individual professionals in the field to develop cutting edge technologies, through our Research Kit Program

assisting other businesses and individuals in the development of cutting edge applications by shipping the source code of some pre-developed components and applications, through our Developers Kit Program

Being a sole partnership, ATG has not a fixed organizational chart, rather it uses an ad hoc management model under the direct supervision of its owner which is also called Research Director. This management method has made ATG a very dynamic, flexible, and responsive business entity.


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